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Marble “Cubus” Table Lamp



An extraordinary italian design :the Cubus table lamp. This model was designed for people loving the combinasion of modernism and precious materials.

The black Marquinia marble is holding two incandescence lightbulbs. The light is reflected by the brass shield.
Lustrous finish on the marble ,satin brass the lightbulb holders and reflective shield .The two opaline lightbulbs are included (40W).

An ather element that characterizes this product is its high standard of customization.There are at least 10 different sort of stones and marbles available.

W. 5.91 in; H. 12.99 in; D. 9.06 in; H.2. 11.81 in;
W. 15 cm; H. 33 cm; D. 23 cm; H.2. 30 cm;

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