Brutalist sofa



An exceptional “Brutalist “sofa designed in 1980 in the US.
Solid wood frame ,the upholstery is authentic, synthetic sheep.
Perfect condition without any damages.

HEIGHT: 26.38 in. (67 cm)
WIDTH: 35.43 in. (90 cm)
DEPTH: 7 ft. 2.6 in. (220 cm)
SEAT HEIGHT: 16.93 in. (43 cm)

This very particular  style was born after the Second World War. The term “brutalism” knew a great vogue among architects, no one knew precisely what it ever  covered. It was in England that appeared in the early 1950s as the “new brutalism”. A number of young architects used these elements  qualifing violence and made their flag. Thereafter, rather than a school or a movement, the word continued to designate a generation of “angry young men” and a controversial climate, obscuring  fairly different sometimes contradictory sensitivities.

Paul Evans, Milo Baughman, Le Corbusier, Adrian Pearsall among others .

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